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Learn Magic!

I started doing magic only three years ago and since then it’s changed my life!

From learning the simplest of tricks, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world appearing on BGT, AGT Champions, The Ellen Show, BGT Champions and Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. Magic has taught me so much more than just the tricks. It’s improved my confidence and shown me that if you truly believe, then anything is possible!

Now for the first time I’d like to teach you some amazing magic to wow and impress your friends and family!

My online magic course will feature 20 amazing tricks in the first year and initially start with five tricks to get you started. All use any pack of cards and regular everyday objects. I’ve decided to do this, so that you have the chance to learn each of the 5 magic tricks properly and not be confused with too much information all at once.

These are all fantastic tricks that are easy to do and within the grasp of anyone from 5 to 90 years of age!

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Issy x


Issy Simpson is a magician like no other.

At just ten years of age, she has been hailed as one of the most unique magicians in the world, after she captured the hearts of a worldwide audience on the 2017 series of Britain’s Got Talent, forcing Simon Cowell to exclaim, “This is like real life Harry Potter”.

Since then, she has become one of the most watched magicians online with over 200 million views and an army of avid fans. After BGT, she signed to the same management team as Daniel Radcliffe, appeared as a special guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, headlined at the world’s largest Magic Convention and has been given a prestigious award at the world famous Magic Circle. Issy also appeared in a run of sold out shows in Abu Dhabi and made her US prime-time TV debut on NBC’s “Little Big Shots”.

Most recently she was invited by Simon Cowell to the US yet again to appear on the NBC TV show “AGT Champions”, which featured the greatest 50 acts to ever appear on the worldwide franchise and she was one of the youngest performers to appear.

Most recently Issy has appeared in Las Vegas for the first time and presented her own talk at TedX Athens.



Simply click on the ‘Start a Subscription here’ button and it will take you to The Issy Simpson Magic School PayPal payment page. The cost is £20.00 per year.

Will I need my parents consent?

Yes, if you are under the age of 16 you must make sure that payment is agreed and paid by your parent or guardian.

What age do I need to be?

All of the magic is within the grasp of anyone from 8 – 88 years of age!

How difficult are the tricks?

The tricks are mostly very easy to do, but remember you must practise them first before performing them to anyone!

What do I get?

Once you have made payment and joined the school, you will receive a special secret link to a series of videos in which Issy will personally teach you some amazing magic!

What do I get?

You will start with 5 amazing tricks, followed by another 15 new tricks during the school year (20 amazing magic tricks).

What do I need?

You’ll not need to buy any special props for this course. All of the tricks use regular everyday objects, such as a deck of cards, rubber bands, glasses and coins!

Are there any school rules?

The only rule is that we ask, is that you keep the secrets to yourself and remember to practice before showing the magic to anyone. A good magician never reveals his secrets!